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) harbor large amounts of commensal microbial communities within the sponge mesohyl.

We employed 16S r RNA gene library construction using specific PCR primers to provide insights into the phylogenetic identity of an abundant sponge-associated bacterium that is morphologically characterized by the presence of a membrane-bound nucleoid.

It is noteworthy that none of these sponge-specific bacteria have so far been cultured or are related to cultured bacteria.

Very early on researchers noted that similar bacterial morphotypes occur in taxonomically different sponges (46, 53).

In order to compensate for the estimated 100 to 1,000 times higher bacterial concentration in sponge tissues than in seawater, we collected 1 to 3 liters of seawater, prefiltered it through folded filter papers, and then filtered it through 0.2-μm-pore-size bottle-top SFCA membrane filters (Nalgene, Rochester, N. Genomic DNAs were extracted from the filters after thermal lysis in a boiling water bath for 10 min and subsequent precipitation in ethanol.Sponges are diploblast metazoans that lack true tissues or organs.In spite of their simple organization, genome sequencing has revealed genes encoding functions that are highly homologous to those of their vertebrate analogs (4, 31, 32).Amplification of the 16S r RNA genes was accomplished with the primers PLA46f (5′-GGA TTA GGC ATG CAA GTC-3′) and 1390r (5′-CGG GCG GTG TCT ACA A-3′) (34, 57).A second library was constructed from , with PLA46f as a forward primer and PLA886 (5′-GGG AGT ATG GTC GCA AGG C-3′) as a reverse primer (34).

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So far an estimated 15,000 species have been described, but the true diversity is probably much higher (20).

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