Catfish online dating predator

Today’s generation of teens socialize with their peers by using social networking sites.Most tweens and teens are living out a portion of their lives online and many relationships take place at least partly online.Parents should know and see who their teen is Skyping with or video chatting with. The more parents and teens know the safer our kids will be.The most important goal is to make sure your child’s online relationship is safe, not phony and not one that may put your teen in harm’s way.They may pretend to be a younger teen even though in reality they are an older man preying on teen girls.

He was able to portray himself as the perfect catch for each of the women he scammed.There are many teen dating sites, such as that allow teens age 13 to use their site.A simple Google search will reveal many teen dating sites where your teen can engage with anyone from anywhere.If they’re exposed to an imposter in a catfishing scam, they may get their heart broken because they’ve fallen head over heels for someone who’s not real or the person they thought they were.According to there are 83 Million Fake Facebook Accounts!

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Online predators lay in wait for vulnerable teens looking for a relationship.

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