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Applying for a student loan does not have to be arduous.The following steps will help you know what to expect when you are ready to apply.Knowing why you are in school and what you expect from your education can help you identify whether the tuition amount is appropriate.For professional furthering, completing an education or meeting employment requirements, the answer is simple. However, having a goal, or at least a passion for education, is a must for college success.Check with these groups to see if they have available scholarships.Don’t forget to stop at your local library’s reference section for additional resources.The resource section on this page will help you find out if you qualify.If you have a problem with your loan or loan servicer, you may need to contact them and dispute the issue.

If you do not have any student loans, the money can be placed in a tax-deferred savings account and later applied towards a college prepaid plan.Once you've decided what school you (or your child) is planning to attend, the next step is determining how much of that cost you want to be covered by student loans.Qualifying for the maximum student loan amount doesn't mean that's what you should accept, especially if you don't need the money.The following steps will help you determine how much you need and what it will be used for: Tuition, books, activities fees, additional fees, required technology and supplies specific classes and areas of study.If you are a distance learner, additional technology services may be needed.

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