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So when my grandfather returned home maybe 1½ hour later, the dog started to bark – when he passed the neighbor’s house – so he whistled and the dog ran to meet him and then followed with him the last piece of the gravel road – my grandmother tried often to call the dog into the house – but it would wait for his grandfather came home.

It is King Gorm's little Runic Stone in memory of his wife Queen Thyra on the left - and King Harald Bluetooth’s sepulchral monument over his parents King Gorm and his mother Queen Thyra Dannebod on the right. The two royal burial mounds are the largest in Denmark - about 8.5 meters high and 65 meters wide.

There are numerous cultural venues and historical edifices located in and around the Danish Capital.

Aarhus - Odense - Aalborg and Esbjerg The other major cities in Denmark is Aarhus (Jutland) with nearly 260,000 inhabitants - and best recognized for its cultural engagement and university - then Odense (Funen) - the birth town of famous Hans Christian Andersen - with nearly 180,000 citizens.

First we present a map of the country - then the birth of the Danish Kingdom - the capital and bigger cities - the Viking Era - The Danish Monarchy - paving the way to democracy - religion and Christian culture - the Danish democracy - the flag "Dannebrog" - the history and landscape - Denmark and Scandinavia - - Denmark at a glance - the Danish food culture - the Danish model - the Danish export companies - assistance and founding to the Third World - relationship to NATO - EU and the Danish Troops abroad - the Danes - the unofficial National anthem - the Danish emigrants and finally a picture gallery from all around Denmark called -The Cultural Heritage and the Danes This is also a brief summery of the Danish Cultural Heritage and Christening of the Danes that reaches more than thousands years back in time - to the Protestant Reformation in 1536 - and until the Democratic Constitution was finally signed in June 1849 - as well as great credit to all the freedom loving Danes that have contributed to build up the Danish Kingdom - Danish Nation and Danish Welfare Society through countless generations - and over numerous centuries. Jelling is a small city located on the Jutland peninsula.

Shuffle Index & Menu It is possible to shuffle trough the program and select different subjects in random order by just clicking the topic you find appropriate and interesting. The Runic Stones at Jelling - and the two surrounding royal burial mounds of King Gorm and his wife Queen Thyra of Denmark - as well as Jelling Church from 1050 A. - is selected by UNESCO - as a World Heritage site.

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The historical remains that proof the birth of Christianity and Civilisation in Denmark can be explored at Jelling by means of two carved Runic Stones - the biggest one is a national symbol and called “The Birth Certificate of the Danish Kingdom” - one Christian Church from 1050 A. - and two Royal Burial Mounds that once was the final resting place for the first King and Queen of Denmark.

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