Dating domestic violence king county

The abuse affects not only the victim but also your children, your loved ones and your co workers. Help is available through many local resources including the Probation Departments Victim/Witness Assistance Center.

Domestic Violence can have long lasting physical, emotional and financial effects. Abuse means intentionally or recklessly causing or attempting to cause bodily injury, or placing another person in fear of serious bodily injury.

In order to obtain an extended order you may contact the Probation Department's Victim/Witness Program.

The primary purpose of most court orders is to keep the “respondent” or “defendant” from contacting or harming the “petitioner” or “victim/witness.” Violation of these orders could result in criminal prosecution.

After Law Enforcement completes their investigation, the report is sent to the District Attorney’s Office for review.

The assigned attorney will determine if there is sufficient evidence to file criminal charges.

Please refer to “helpful phone numbers” on the back of the brochure.

Leaving an abusive relationship can be very dangerous.

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