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Following Lukes, only where translations of complete items have been made have they been allocated a dating-enumeration. The list of references is organized chronologically, according to the Lukes enumeration scheme. "Du Rôle des Grands Hommes dans la Société." Cahiers internationaux de sociologie 43: 25-32. The listing of English translations has been extended by W. Where publications are related to one another in some way (e.g., English translations of earlier works in French), links are provided in both directions. Discours prononcé à la distribution des prix du Lycée de Sens, le 6 août, 1883. Notes taken by the French philosopher, Andre Lalande. Student lecture notes taken from Durkheim's course on philosophy in 1883-84. "Schaeffle, A., Bau und Leben des sozialen Körpers: Erster Band." Revue philosophique 19: 84-101. "Guyau, M., L'Irreligion de l'avenir." Revue philosophique 23: 299-311.

"Suicide et natalité: étude de statistique morale." Revue philosophique 26: 446-63.

Review of Ferneuil, T., Les Principes de 1789 et la science sociale.

"Les Principes de 1789 et la sociologie." Revue international de l'enseignement 19: 450-56.

"La Science positive de la morale en Allemagne." Revue philosophique 24: 33-58, 113-42, 275-84.

Opening lecture of Durkheim's first course, "La Solidarité sociale," given at the University of Bordeaux in 1887-88.

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Pickering's article in Études durkheimiennes: Bulletin d'information (1978). These bibliographical references have all been stored electronically, using a bibliographic database management tool called End Note Plus. [Full text.] [Full text in Portable Document Format.] 1884a Durkheim, Émile.

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