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CONTINUED - OVER A -2| 1 ■* * o V Memorandum to The Director •10/3/71 -(Miller tried reaching Mardian at his residence to set up appointment for interview by Felt - no answer. I Mardian replied "I instructed Wells not to discuss this matter and I can^t discuss^ it on the AG's orders. Implied during conversation that Wells may know something about how it was returned to DID, etc. Sullivan had been "closeted" with Mardian into Dnnartment be who mentioned unt of town (10/4/71) that afternoon on Said he heard all Friday (10/1/71) in Mardian *s office (Sullivan was on sick leave). Above could have occurred on Wednesday, 9/29/71, when Sullivan seen entering 9th and D lobby. - I Wells told Miller, "I don't think you'll have any I trouble getting them back." if 10/2/71 - Above information furnished the Director by Felt evening 10/2/71. Mardian told Attorney General that Director approved of his \^taking possession of files. Miller told Mardian he had been trying to get in touch with him. ' Ponder — - Bates ..^^ Tavel «L- Walters - Soyars " Tele.

Wells and in I careful terms advised Wells we wanted to ascertain the I present whereabouts of the sensitive material. UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT Memorandum p Bishop Miller. LS0LLIVAN STATUS OF ANNUAL LEAVE SICK-LEAVE Conrftd . 10/4/71 - Icorrespondence confirming information furnished Director jby the AG sent to the AG. i_ b6 10/5/71 - 'at V/hite House also sent advising of above circumstances. Sullivan interviewed telephonically regarding sensitive material by Mr. (Material, not there.) Sullivan said he was going to talk to Wells about this matter and advise Mr. The Director will have to discuss it with the AG." He also said "I want to assure you there is no problem." Conversation terminated. Suggested we 'look in the small safe type cabinets in Front Office of DID. Branigan advised" Miller he had ru Attorney (Internal Securit y Division ) Mr.

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" Miller esqplained the necessary action to implement the President's request was taken on instructions from the Director. H^ gathered from Mardian 's [discussion concerning the docum^ent^that Mardian had had them for two or three weeks at least before mentioning them to[ has told Mardian that he feels the documents should not be. has asked that his conversatiott^fbfeeckept inurafesplute . 27 ■^z UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT Memorandum Tolsbn . [Wells told Smith Mardian wanted Y/ells to keep the material ' Jfor him and was considering getting a special safe type [cabinet for the material. Sizoo advised he had heard one of the men had seen Mr.

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