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And this is the highest amounts of pay for any news anchor in history.And the station gave him the massive money amounts because he is excellent in presenting, has several hosting skills and also has huge numbers of fan following. Donald was a crush of Smith at first, and soon enough, the two began dating, and after dating sometimes, they exchanged their vows.Well, he is also one of the finest news anchors, and apart from anchoring, he has also invested in real estate and also in share markets. The two look liked to be happy, after all, they had quit the lovers prior the couple had bounded as husband and wife.Sadly, after the time interval of six and more years, the two decided to get a divorce. Well, they both haven’t provided any official reason for the divorce like every other divorced pair, but there were rumors that the causes of the divorce were the Smith was a man with 'gay' sexual orientation.

However, he holds the American nationality and is of the White-American ethnicity.I wouldn’t be surprised if Roger Ailes offered to pick up the tab on Smith’s wedding, should he have one.All of which means that what was once a raging and controversial story is barely even a story anymore. Six paragraphs later, it noted that his date that night was a “muscular 6-foot-2…white male.” Three days later, Gawker identified the date as a 26-year-old former production assistant on Smith’s old show, “The Fox Report.” (Smith, 49, is now anchor/managing editor of breaking news, and his boyfriend, Gawker says, is a producer at Fox Business.) Neither responded to the site’s numerous interview requests. He’s one of the good guys at a network that regularly pushes my blood pressure to dangerous levels.

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