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Record of Lodoss War pretty much has all the standard character types and story elements of the genre throughout its run such as inexperienced hero, elf, wizard, baddies seeking to dominate or destroy the land and so forth.

Despite the cliches though, it was unique to see these elements brought forth into an anime sticking to Western influences as I haven't seen very many anime have an elf like Deedlit and the anime gave off an epic feel as it explored the adventures of Parn and his allies battling against the evil forces of the island of Marmo.

Last updated From the first episode, it was clear to me that this anime was spawned from the popularity of D&D (or AD&D) of the late 80's (that being based on Tolkien's works). While this approach to storytelling is not uncommon in anime, in the end, I felt it harmed the story-telling, though at first it did not seem so.

The first episode, while having the main party already assembled and on their quest, was pure D&D with a hint of Tolkien's Mines of Moria. Having this story removed from the actual quest-line made the initial quest seem overly short and almost inconsequential.

For (a made up) example, our characters could be deep in a dungeon and fleeing because a dragon is about to come to life and kill them all.This manga is another quality retelling of the original Lodoss story about the crusade against the witch Carla with all of the gang and story present.I had fun while reading and clean the art is dynamic with good execution of the action/use of blood but i don´t think though that THIS series is strictly needed.It was nice seeing him get trained throughout the title, which made it feel more real.We know very little about Deedlit (Deed(o) as Parn calls her) beyond her love for life, her skills with the sword and magic, and her ability to go from flighty-flirty to dead serious in a flash.

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Despite his inexperience, Parn is considered the leader, who is accompanied by his childhood best friend Etoh, his friend and sometimes advisor Slayn (and later by Slayn's lover Leylia), and his newfound mentor Ghim.

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