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If possible, plan to spend an hour or more in the store.We suggest you take a half day, or at least a 2 hour lunch, to pick and accessorize your costume.The woman was glad to help us with our fund raising efforts.She walked out with a smile, a since of satisfaction and a tax-deductible receipt.DVS packs an enormous variety of wigs, shoes, coats, scarves, jewelry, belts, purses and more.We pride ourselves on accuracy, style, selection, variety and quantity.

Our website tells the story with its thousands of images, but it only represents a small fraction of our costume inventory and ideas.Unless you have been to our store, this will all sound like hype.Our customers regularly tell us that our web site amazed them, but when they try to describe our store to others, their friends absolutely don’t get it until they have seen it for themselves.However, its vintage clothing and period items seemed to sell regardless of the economic times. Having had a background in drama, and thus a love for old clothes and crazy trends, the manager turned the Treasure Box into a store that specialized in everything vintage.The Plano and greater Dallas community have responded with overwhelming enthusiasm.

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We hope you enjoy browsing and will be inspired to visit our store. Be sure to revisit often and share it with your family and friends.

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