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It’s too simple to say that the battle is between restraint and gratification, because — in that case — gratification would win every time.

No, the goal of the church and the parent is to raise a boy to live with a virtuous purpose, to use his God-given characteristics to advance that purpose, and to understand that he will always be held accountable to that purpose — even behind closed doors, when he lives only before the Audience of One.

Fame, power, and wealth are by themselves attractive.

It’s as if the sexual revolutionary looks at original sin and says, “Yes please.” I know the sexual revolutionary objects to my critique.

We can’t make a perfect world, but we do have a choice. It’s time to recognize and respond to human nature, or — despite the best of intentions — we will continue to choose to be worse.

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A sex drive channeled into a sacred, lifelong marriage bonds husband and wife together and creates and builds families.

Physical strength means that a man can be a protector in the way that many women cannot — and not just from the rare physical threat of another man. Men disproportionately emerging to do the hard physical labor of rescue and rebuilding.

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While not all men are the same (nor are all women the same), in general it’s a simple fact that most boys have a greater sex drive, more physical strength, and more aggression than most girls. They’re characteristics that can be shaped by parents, churches, and civic institutions to virtuous ends.

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