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I really admire Eric for his faithfulness to his girl friend. At least I'm sure they like each other's company, that's why those scenes are believable. Thank you for all the staff and artists to create such a beautiful drama. Their chemistry together is probably THE best I've seen. the plot is actually simple, not as mysterious as goblin, but the emotions are so overwhelming The kissing scene in this drama is phenomenal for Korean dramas tvn this year is really amazing Anyone else noticed at the beginning of episode 4 when Oh Hae Young and Park Do Kyung met by coincidence at the restaurant where Oh Hae Young told him she saw the other Oh Hae Young running at the marathon... When they both left the restaurant, the car is gone. We can see their tongue in every kisses but clear that they just finished it in one take. And Hyun Jin also act so professional to reciprocate all the kisses Eric gived. It's hard to believe if no romantic feelings at all. I LOVE every episodes so much I keep coming to watch it over and over again.

Great script with great director who delivers it brilliantly and off course Amazing chemistry between the leads. aja aja fighting :) Really wanted to like this series but eventually had to drop it because I couldn't stand the main female character/main actress. Besides this series has some major flaws it is definitely entertaining and let you want to watch the next episodes without taking a break. The way Seo Hyun Jin threw a lot of kisses to him, the way she touched his neck, or the way she 'eat and suck' his lips show us how the girl really enjoying those skinship with one of the fine man in Korea.

She is unable to tell the truth about what happened and lies to others about what happened. I will never ever again be able to see Kim Ji Suk the same way, either. lord, I felt embarrassed to be watching but was so glued I thought my corneas might suffer actual damage from the series.

She works as an assistant manager for a company's restaurant division. Meanwhile, Park Do-Kyung (Eric) is a popular sound engineer. Anyway, I feel a bit sad for the people who didn't make it to the end.

Can someone explain me the scene where the singer lee byung joon said something like "who do you want to save. " On last episode it somehow showed that Eric's life depended on him too? (after the first wedding w/ pretty OHY) And Jinsang, he seems ridiculous yet handsome in the same time~~ Im in love with all the scenes that both of JS and SK speak French XDD although i dont understand it And OHY family is so gold! I would've enjoyed this series if the writers toned down her character a bit. I only became a fan of Eric Mun and SHJ after watching OHY. I won't be surprised if SHJ actually falls for Eric Mun. They actually look good together but maybe he hasn't found the right girl yet. The girl's gesture is so obvious that she has crush on him. Not sure since his skinships with other actress also out of charts but I think he like to act with her too. Just hae young personality are often to be find, ofc at some point i definitely find myself match with just hae young personality. ...all the divinely talented ppl are only in KOREA!! and for hashi, I think he is not sure about what he wants too and want to talk to do kyung. Good drama but, episode 17 made no sense..does Tae Jin still want to kill Do Kyung after he finds out they were being played by the emperor and Do Kyung wasn't the reason he went to jail?

Her parents esp her mom does everything that OHY needs, they madly took care of her! You can't really blame their fans if they ship them too much in real life. It looks so real which makes them both effective actors. Hyun jin unnie with eric oppa's natural chemistry can't get me over this now omg. Loved the way the actors took their parts and made them their own, such original personalities! The best kissing scenes I have seen so far in a korean drama. Please stay alive :) I don't know what to do with my life now T_T Usually I was always waiting for Monday and Tuesday to watch this drama but now i'm in complete despair with it already ended.. ...i m searching them here.....i must go to from INDIA I'm curious about someone that holded by senior from do kyung's doctor. he is mad to do kyung, because he took away hae young. and why does Do Kyung think he can outrun a car and keeps running on the street instead of maybe getting off the street or going inside a building..part was so ridiculous. It's a MUST watch, I can't wait for the last 2 episodes.

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but the way she overreacted all the time like a crazy b*** made me very agressive and im feeling so sorry for pretty OHY. Can you imagine Eric and Seo Hyun Jin used tongue in their kisses. I think Eric could convince Seo Hyun Jin to act intimately with him.

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