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Besides being a songwriting genius (sometimes), his style of flute-playing, combined with his bouncing around the stage on one leg prattling on about goodness-knows-what, created an image that was always exciting to watch and often enjoyable to hear.

For a little while, anyway, it was VERY enjoyable to hear, at least to my ears; I can honestly say without exaggeration that 1969 for Jethro Tull is one of my favorite years for any band ever, and a compilation I made for myself containing Stand Up and all the A and B-sides from that year is one of my most listened-to CD's.

All in all, though, I feel a great deal of affection for Tull.

I love alot of their stuff up to and including Broadsword.

There's also the unfortunate fact that (with a couple of exceptions, of course) his post-seventies work ranges from mediocre to outright garbage, as he dabbled first in electronics and then moved to generic heavy-metal, where he pretty much stayed ever since.

And I'm sorry, but I don't buy the theory that Tull has gone through some kind of musical renaissance that started with 'Roots to Branches' and has continued with ''. Their only positive point is that there are not as unremittingly dreadful as those that have come before -- and this is, I think, why they've been slightly more positively received.This era of the band certainly falls into the category of prog rock, which is more than willing to accept mystical lyrics and an overall bombastic nature than "regular" rock does, but it's certainly not the case that I dislike this era on an overall level because of the fact that it's prog rock (in case you didn't notice, this page is linked from John Mc Ferrin's Rock and Prog Reviews).The problem I have is that he decided to do prog rock in exactly the way I don't like (but a way that apparently many fans prefer): consciously avoiding "conventional" song-writing approaches, i.e.ethro Tull is one of those weird bands that is simultaneously famous and almost completely unknown.They actually do get a fair amount of radio play, with Aqualung contributing its fair share of standards to a station's playlist, and it's not that unusual to hear a 5 minute, condensed version of Thick as a Brick.

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