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YOU realise quickly with Peadar Lamb that he's not going to entertain any foolish talk.

None of this nonsense about where he met wife and fellow actor, Geraldine Plunkett.

They became engaged one June and married the next, their free time and the pace of the courtship determined by the Abbey's annual holiday for that month.

"It's impossible for anyone to say what attracts one person to another," says Peadar, applying the same rule to defining what has kept them together.

Jenny's birth was a shock and a surprise, but once she arrived she was such a bonus." Peadar agrees wholeheartedly.

Geraldine does the talking and seems happy to do so.I remember very vividly that it was What They Wanted, Louis Dalton.You probably don't remember, but it was my first part." On stage, the pair did not interact much and that also influenced their interaction off-stage, both were seeing other people or, as Geraldine puts it, "I was seeing someone else, I don't know what you were doing" and it was some time before they became a couple.Geraldine refers to O'Casey and her husband agrees with it as an assessment."It is," she says, "only the accidental coming together of molecules and atoms.

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